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Institutions of the EU

The Lisbon Treaty

by Anna Kloudov√°, 2010

The Treaty of Lisbon is a treaty of big importance, which was accepted after several years of negotiations about international issues. And what is it actually about?

On 13 December 2007 the president of Portugal signed the treaty. Then the treaty went on to the other heads of states. There it takes a little bit time because of referendum and hesitating of citizens. Finally on 1 December 2009 the Treaty of Lisbon entered into force. This treaty amends the constituent EU and EC treaties without replacing them. It tries to conform to the future tasks and demands of citizens.

And now concretely to some important points. Firstly, The Lisbon Treaty encourages the role of the European Parliament and national parliaments, provides stronger voice for citizens and says also who does what, so the relationship between the Member States and the European Union became clearer. For the first time there is a possibility to withdraw from the Union. Secondly, it makes the system more efficient with simplified working methods and voting rules and improves the ability of the Union to act. Thirdly, there is better security and freedom for all and the guarantee of citizens rights. And the last thing, the treaty secures acting of Europe on the global stage.

In conclusion I would like to say my opinion. I think it is necessary to improve how is it possible and conform to the passing time. And therefore the Treaty of Lisbon is really one of the good steps of the European Union.

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