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Education in Europe

Apprenticeship and working abroad in Europe

by Shadow Shruikan, 2010

In the following article we are going to deal with the topic of apprenticeship and work in foreign countries.

In the beginning I want to make sure that this article is from a German point of view.
Some details might be different from country to country.
I guess that some of the basic information are still usefull for inhabitans of other EU-contries so maybe it is interesting for those to read.

The topic creates a bunch of questions wich want to be answered.

  • When does an apprenticeship abroad make sense?
  • Which advantages and disadvantages are resulting?
  • Which problems might show up and how can I deal with them?
There are a lot of aspects you should focus on if you want to leave your own country and work abroad.

This article might help to get a little overview of these aspects.

The reasons for working in another country are manifold.
Some people want to push their career forward and others are just interested or searching for a job. In the following part we are going to show the arguments for and against a departure.

It is possible to gain much experience from foreign countries.
By living and working there you might be able to learn something about people, the culture and the country itself. In addition to that your chance to find employment on the job market increases. Owners of transnational experience are most sought after. Because of that a apprenticeship which was finished abroad is able to improve your image. But still, there are some problems we have to keep in mind.

The biggest problem for most of the people leaving their country is that they have to leave their friends and in the most cases their families behind. If the familiy follows the emigrant the children have to visit a new school and the partner has to search for a new job.

Leaving the own country to work abroad is alway troublesome.
Because of that you have to collect information beforehand. A national job center is possibly the best choice to gather information.

If you do so, think about returnig to your home country someday. Probably some problems will show up or you have completed your work so that you have to return. Sooner or later the moment will come so you have to prepare for it. That means that you have to search for a new job and check your insurances. If you are not able to find work the return might turn into a financially lean period.
Thats why you have to request social welfare if necessary.
Even if your work was planned from the management of your company you will have to look for a new home and other important stuff.

Because of the huge amount of factors which are affecting the situation it is not possible to create a more precise result. Nevertheless we can say that working abroad is a great thing to do if you really want it.


You have to decide by yourself if working abroad or graduating your apprenticeship in another country is the right thing for you. There are a lots of risks but if you are gathering enough information about details you might be able to reduce the dangers.
But do not forget about the advantages which are created from such a project.
The outcome are surely worth the costs if you want them to be.

sgd. Shruikan

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