Šárka Kollerová

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History of Europe

Turkey is considered as a special case of EU`s enlargement policy

by Šárka Kollerová, 2010

 Turkey is a state which is situated in two continents. One part in Asie and the other in Europe. In past the European part was settled by Greeks, one part belonged under the Chechit`s Empire.

Actual problem of Turkey is the ethnic and culturally varieties. They are not able to cope with religious conflicts and nationalism. The situation with Cyprus is solved more and more often. In 1987 Turkey advanced a suggestion for admission to EU but it was refusaled because of unstable politicy. Nevertheless Turkey got a custom union and Turkish goverment has to do a lot of legal enactments for admission. The admission of Turkey is delayed in year 2014.

In my opinion I think that Turkey should be admit to the European Union because one part of this teriritory is situated in Europe and the enter to the Union would improve its undeveloped economy. On the other hand Turkey should fulfil enactments of EU at first and after that they should be admission.

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