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Institutions of the EU

Lobbyists in the parliament of the EU

by Barbora Dvořáková, 2010

Lobbyism comes from Latin idiom labium (entrance hall). The word was taken over from the USA. The idea of lobbyism started to evolving at the beginning of the 90s and it is political influence of some groups. In society is perceived lobbyism negatively but in fact it has important role in policy.

In the EU the number of lobbyists is around 15 000 and 4570 of these members are in the European parliament, where they associate into 2 500 organizations. Lobbyists in EP have given rules e. g. - identify yourself with the real name and group, in                        which they work

                 - not to get information or other decisio in unfair way

                 - not to evoke european employees to interupt rules                    and standards of behaviour, which are valid for                          them

Lobbyists influence politician either personal meeting or they write letters, issue publications, organize workshops and advertising campaign.

In my opinion can lobbyism easily become corruption, so misuse their competence for personal benefit. That is why all lobbyists should be officially enroled.

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