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History of Europe

Haus der Geschichte of the Federal Republic of Germany

by Anna Grinová, 2010

House of history

House of History is located in Museummeile in Bonn. Sice June 1994 can visitors admire  exhibition of German´s history (since 1945). The Museum has 4,000 m2  and we can see there approximately 7,000 original exhibits. About one million visitors come to see the various exhibitions of House of History per year. The topic of exhibition is Geraman´s History since II. World war. The visitors can see there famous politicians, arts, economy and society.

According to my oppinion is House of History one of the most beautiful museums, I have ever seen. I liked it because of the creative style. For me was interesting part, where I could see what was the life like during the II. WW.  I admired toys for children, cinema or club with music. During the sight-seeing I looked for the answers for questions, which we got before the start of „hunting“. It was very interesting found out, how  much money did one liter of petrol cost or what is the name of the old Hitler´s Street. I think that the visit was wonderful expierience  and gave me lots of new information. Laughing

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