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Living in Europe

My region in Germany

by Ann-Kathrin Venz, 2010

My home is the “Westerwald”, known for its beautiful landscape. Meadows, wherever you look, trees, rising high in the sky and pastures, where the animals graze on. The “Westerwald” is one of the seven parts of “Rheinland- Pfalz”. The areas “Taunus, Eifel, Hunsrück, Pfalz, Rheinhessen and Saar” are also parts of this state. My home is also known for its unpredictable weather. The hard winters always take a long time so the spring starts late.  But with a bit of luck we also get 30°C in the shadow in summertime.


Across the “Westerwald” there are many hiking trails, which attract many tourists, for example the so called “Westerwaldsteig” which has 16 stages. The “Westerwaldsteig” passes many old villages and untouched nature. While the diversity of our nature is really big, we haven`t got much possibilities for spending a day with a big shopping tour.  Nevertheless, especially the spa town of Bad Marienberg invites you to spend a day at the spa Park, the Basalt Park, the Wildlife Park and wellness bath. Also there are some hotels and a youth hostel, where you can stay, for example the “Westerwälderhof” and the “Wildparkhotel”. As well there are some international meetings in the Europe- House like our student newspaper seminar.

The “Westerwald” is enclosed by four rivers which also cross other countries of Europe. These are the rivers “Dill, Sieg, Lahn and Rhein”, which invite you to beautiful boat tours.

Both in the district town of Montabaur, as well as in the cities Hachenburg, Westerburg and Bad Marienberg are school centers that offer various facilities for the education. There are no universities in the Westerwald, but some towns that border the Westerwald, have universities.

All in all there are more small villages than big cities in the “Westerwald”.  But I like my home because of the nature which offers many possibilities, for example you can make a bicycle tour, camp out with friends or just sit in your garden, enjoy the idyll and read a book. But sometimes I miss bigger cities the associated leisure and shopping attractions.



At the following links you find two typical “wäller” songs: (Wir sind ausm Westerwald) (Oh du schöner Westerwald)


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