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History of Europe

The Berlin Wall

by Zan Kovacic, 2010


The  Berlin Wall was a barrier, over 150 km long, and it was built by the German Democratic Republic (GDR). Between 1961 and 1989 that barrier divided eastern and western Berlin.  The wall complited extensive buffer system (barbed wire, grates, control drive, observation towers, dogs). Limit were guarding soldiers who prevented every try of an escape. At trying to escape more than 240 people died. The Berlin Wall fell down at 9. november 1989. The Fall of Berlin Wall is important event in the world history. Best known part of Wall stands between Hauptbahnhof and Oberbaumbrücke. The second part of wall stands on Niederkirchenstrasse.

 The Berlin Wall brought negative consequences. Many families were divided, eastern Berliners remained without employment and income opportunities. Western Berliners were not allowed to travel to GDR. A “Fall of Wall” also brought positive consequences. It lead to the unification of both parts of Germany and to many dramatic changes, promising  a better life  standard to the eastern parts. However, a collapse of the communist regime has taken away some security for the people, like permanent employment possibilities. For that reason residents realized that capitalism brought unfairness to the society.



I think it was very hard for people, because they lived like in a prison, they had to follow the rules of the regime and they weren't allowed to  have their own opinion. If people wanted to climb over the wall, they were shot by soldiers. So they haven't seen their families. Boss in the country  knew all about residents, because the police checked people. I think it was not fair that they made differences between the eastern and western Berlin. Western Berliners have lived poorly, they weren't allowed to travel to GDR and relatives could visit them only with special documents at the end of year. I think it was right that the Berlin Wall had been knocked down, because life for German people has changed in the better and more positive way ever since.

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