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School and social

Receive the special schools

by Philipp Röser, 2014

Often there are discussions about special schools whether they should close or not.


Critics of the special schools that it would be a good idea to close the schools because they think about exclusion. They are convinced that the students who visit a special school are exclude from the “normal” children, so they can't be happy. I think they aren't right. Actually the students in special schools get a good education by well-prepared teachers. Often the children are happier in a special school because the teacher can pay attention to their needs and handicaps. The children learn the same things as in a normal secondary school. But the teachers of normal school are often not prepared to deal with disabled children. Also children in special schools are not excluded by their classmates because of their disability. Everybody has a problem. In a normal school it's possible that disabled children are excluded by the others because of their disability. So does it make sense to close special schools? In addition to that there are handicaps which aren't easy to integrate. The persons with this handicaps would also be affected by the closure of special schools. So if you have put yourself in their shoes, you have to think about the closure of special schools a second time. Your point of view will be another.


If disabled children get into trouble because they are excluded by their classmates in a normal school, they will be much more unhappier than they are in a special school. Because of that I think that specials schools shouldn't be closed.

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