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Pros and cons of online media

Pros and cons of online media

by Nejc Belsak, 2014


We use online media daily. These are all from online newspapers to social networks. On a daily basis we get tons off information. But are all of the informations worthy of our trust? Can we believe everything that is written on Facebook or Twitter?

With all of the information so that we can find there a lot of positive things. We can check one information on various web sites in the matter of seconds is very useful. We can easily check the data and compare it. Another thing that is very useful are comments that people can mostly write for free, under the articles. We can find out other opinions or share our own. But here lies the first problem. everybody can write a comment with no limits. People write mean comments and have debates with others wich end up with a completly other subject. And really, who wants to read undernthe artical of a football match wich pizza is better? The next con I came across are poorly written articles, wich are a lot of times just translations from other, foreign sites. We can also find a lot of the same texts that are written over and over again. Don't me get even started on the backround some journalists have. Or allvthe grammar mistakes. Sometimes it looks like anyone with an keyboard csn write articles online.

Despite all cons the internet brings, are there a lot of positive things that it has. We get information very quickly. Newspapers come out a day later so we find out everything late. On the internet information about an important event comd on right away. We can alco think from the ecological view. Newspapers are being printed on inviroment frinedly paperm the pile of all the news papers at the end of the day all around the world is huge. Just in Great Britain, there are 12.000.000 newspapers printed every day. While there are a lot of newspapers that are already online and we can read them on our laptop or tablet. I think we can only ask our selfs where the future leads us. We will reather choose free, online media than newspaper wich is full of articles, information and pages that we usually just skip.

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