Citizen’s Effect: Europe going to the polls!
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Citizen’s Effect: Europe going to the polls!

05.05. to 10.05.2014

Timetable of the seminar

Monday, 19:00 h
Welcome Meeting


Tuesday, 09:00 h
Ice breaking


Tuesday, 10:00 h
Game: Traders and Explorers


Tuesday, 11:00 h
EU institutions


Tuesday, 14:00 h


Tuesday, 16:00 h
Preparing the country market


Tuesday, 20:00 h
Country Market


Wednesday, 09:00 h
Discussing topics


Wednesday, 10:00 h
Writing articles


Wednesday, 14:00 h
Status Updates


Wednesday, 14:30 h
Writing articles


Wednesday, 19:00 h


Thursday, 09:00 h
Departure to Bonn


Thursday, 10:30 h
Discussion in Haus der Geschichte


Thursday, 13:00 h
Tour in Haus der Geschichte


Thursday, 15:00 h
Free time in Cologne


Thursday, 17:30 h
Departure from Cologne


Friday, 09:00 h
Morning Meeting


Friday, 09:30 h
Writing articles


Friday, 12:00 h
Seminar Feedback


Friday, 13:45 h


Friday, 20:00 h
Farewell Party


Saturday, 07:00 h