Citizen’s Effect: Europe going to the polls!
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en Trip to Bonn and Cologne – by Pavel Taborsky

economic crisis

en  Difficulties facing the French economy – by Vincent BERNOLLIN


en Economy in Europe and Slovenia – by lucija slamersek
en Economy: Is it a weapon? – by Áron Pap

life without the internet

en What life would be like if we didn't have Internet? – by Nora Marczi


en How Long Can Newspapers Last? – by Márk Illés-Tóth

Opportunities in social media as an individual

en Opportunities in social media as an individual – by Ferenc Polyák


en Pressure from right-wing parties - Europe has to stay colourful! – by Theresa Blum


en Direct Democracy Always The Best? – by Martin Myska

Pros and cons of online media

en Pros and cons of online media – by Nejc Belsak


en Five days of European fun – by Anna Džulová

School and disabled persons

en Find a job – by Margot De Oliveira

School and social

en Receive the special schools – by Philipp Röser


en Experience with wheelchair – by Jakub Bittner

Social Media

en Opportunities in social media as an individual – by Judit Szomor
en The conecion between media and people – by Mojca Zorko

The school and handicapped persons

en The integration of handicapped persons – by Agnès Prats


en Interviews – by Julie Hebrard