Citizen’s Effect: Europe going to the polls!
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en Trip to Bonn and Cologne – by Pavel Taborsky


en Important lenghts in our education – by Betsabea Duric
en Technology of E-learning – by Dorina Kánya

economic crisis

en  Difficulties facing the French economy – by Vincent BERNOLLIN


en Economy in Europe and Slovenia – by lucija slamersek
en Economy: Is it a weapon? – by Áron Pap

Education in Europe

en Apprenticeship and working abroad in Europe – by Shadow Shruikan
en Apprenticeship or University? – by Katarzyna Hlubek
en Being Au-pair in a foreign European country – by Lara ...
en Comenius projects and partnerships – by Tomáš Rychetský
en Education systems in the Czech republik and Germany – by Daniel Kolinsky
en Educational systems in Slovenia and Germany – by Pavlina Sztefkova
en How many foreign languages should pupils in the EU be able to speak? – by Karina Kubis
en Should everyone take a job before starting to study? – by Tamás Kovács
en Studying abroad in Europe – by Natascha Schmitz
en The university of the UN (UNU) , Bonn – by Borbála Somogyi
en What is eTwinning? – by Simone Richter
en Which subject should every Pupil in the EU take until finishing school? – by Manoel Flesch

History of Europe

en Dissolution of the Soviet Union – and opportunity for a fresh start in eastern states for independence and freedom? – by Jakub Caithaml
en Dissolution of the Soviet Union – and opportunity for a fresh start in eastern states for independence and freedom? – by Jakub Caithaml
en Dissolution of the Warsaw Pact - is NATO now too powerful? – by Agnieszka Sterczewska
en EU member states and further enlargement without end? – by Johanna Schley
en Europe and the common fight against terrorism – by Natalie Ilinska
en Haus der Geschichte of the Federal Republic of Germany – by Anna Grinová
en How can Europe address the huge problems of the world? – by Angelika Podkowa
en Poland and Germany - on the road to being good neighbours? – by Klara Peter
en The Berlin Wall – by Zan Kovacic
en The History of the European Union – by Katrin Groß
en Turkey is considered as a special case of EU`s enlargement policy – by Šárka Kollerová
en We need a light in our lives – by Betsabea Duric
en Youth Development in the EU – by Ewelina Bartoszewska

Institutions of the EU

en A controversial man: José Manuel Barroso the president of the EU commission – by Nadine Benner
en Court of Justice of the EU – by Jan Pniak
en Crisis in Greece - problem of the EU? – by Jakub Pieczka
en Crisis in Greece - problem of the EU? – by Jakub Pieczka
en Current decisions of the court of the EU (summary) – by Miri W.
en Defining personalities in institutions of the EU – by Jonáš Vidra
en Does Europe need a centralized government? – by Agnieszka Witosz
en Duties of a commissioner of the EU – by Milan Gaspar
en EAD and Catherine Ashton – by Bartek Wierzchowski
en EU for people – by Magdalena Machowiak
en First direct elections of the parliament of the EU: A milestone? – by Martina Leljak
en Günter Verheugen – by Jenda Plhák
en Let us experience Europe! – by Fabian Roth
en Lobbyists in the parliament of the EU – by Barbora Dvořáková
en New fields of policy: protection of climate and environment - and energy: Does the EU interfere and who acts? – by Susanne Hentschel
en Parliament – by Vanessa Jung
en Regulation vs. guideline: What's better? – by Martina Bukovjanova
en Strategy Europe 2020 – by Carolin Ludwig
en The European Central Bank, an institution sui generis – by Katja Stelcar
en The European council of ministers: Where decisions are made? – by Johana Kucerova
en The Lisbon Treaty – by Anna Kloudová


en  Did people use to be happier without internet? Or not? – by Petra Susilova
en Agelimit in the Internet ? – by Conny Laux
en Al Qaida and others online – by Peter Scholz
en Children pornography and pedophilia – by Réka Bikki
en Cyber Bullying – by Hamza Becar
en Cyberbullying – by Matej Nekvinda
en Dead drops hunting – by Nejc Crnko
en Evenings without the Internet – by Eliska Machackova
en Internet helps revolutions but... – by Jindrich Skripko
en Internet helps revolutions but... – by albert soukup
en Is my opinion in really free in the Internet? – by Lars Klein
en Is the internet going backward or forward? – by Jakob Predin
en Is there a future for printed newspapers? – by Tadej Voljc
en Paper newspaper has still own place – by Barbora Miturova
en Revolution via internet – by Jan Michalec
en Sadness and sorrow – by Stanislav Burgar
en Who can be on the internet trusted? – by Martin Matousek
en Youtube - accounts and videos – by Marusa Lubej

Internet - Facebook

en Advantages and disadvantages of Facebook – by Ádám Maginecz
en Facebook as a Friend – by Matic Kosi
en Facebook: pro&con – by Jerneja Lojen
en Facebook: pro&con – by Pia Kersic
en Function of Facebook – by Kinga Grasalkovits
en Function of Facebook – by Kevin Rudner
en Social networks taking over! – by Nejc Crnko
en The dangers of Facebook – by Dániel Cifrák

life without the internet

en What life would be like if we didn't have Internet? – by Nora Marczi

Living in Europe

en European patriotism – by Donata Poplawska
en Eurovision Song Contest: Does it connect Europeans? – by Magdalena Koch
en How the Czechs are... – by Chantal S
en My region in Germany – by Ann-Kathrin Venz
en This is what Slovenians are like... – by Lenka Tomanova
en This is what the Polish are like... – by Patryk Serafin
en What do Germans and Slovenians have in common? – by Gregor Horvat
en What do Hungarians and Slovenians have in common? – by Miriam Krunkel
en What do the Polish and Hungarians have in common? – by Selina Weiler
en What does "Europe of the regions" mean? – by Ondřej Sobotka


en How Long Can Newspapers Last? – by Márk Illés-Tóth

Opportunities in social media as an individual

en Opportunities in social media as an individual – by Ferenc Polyák


en Pressure from right-wing parties - Europe has to stay colourful! – by Theresa Blum


en Direct Democracy Always The Best? – by Martin Myska

Pros and cons of online media

en Pros and cons of online media – by Nejc Belsak


en Five days of European fun – by Anna Džulová

School and disabled persons

en Find a job – by Margot De Oliveira

School and social

en Receive the special schools – by Philipp Röser


en Experience with wheelchair – by Jakub Bittner

Social Media

en Opportunities in social media as an individual – by Judit Szomor
en The conecion between media and people – by Mojca Zorko

The school and handicapped persons

en The integration of handicapped persons – by Agnès Prats


en Interviews – by Julie Hebrard